Review of National Outcomes: call for evidence

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Closes 5 Jun 2023


You can submit any information you consider relevant to the Review of National Outcomes to this Call for Evidence. The questions below are for guidance only. You may type directly into the box below or upload your evidence as a file. If it is too big to upload, you may email it to

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1.    Are there any changes to the current set of 11 National Outcomes that you would propose? If so, in summary, what would these be?

2.    Are there new National Outcomes that should be included in the National Performance Framework, if so why should they be included?

3.    Are there any changes you would propose to the wider National Performance Framework on set of National Indicators?

4.    What impact does the current National Outcomes have on your work?

5.    What are the main obstacles and barriers in the further implementation of the National Outcomes?

Please make sure your file is under 25MB