Abortion notifications and data - changing the process: consultation

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Closes 30 Apr 2021


1. Should registered medical practitioners be required to send abortion notifications to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) electronically (rather than on a paper form)?
2. Currently, doctors must send notifications to the CMO within seven days of the abortion. Should registered medical practitioners be given a longer time period to return abortion notifications to the CMO?
3. Currently, data on abortions is sent to the CMO with the abortion notifications; the CMO's office then passes it directly to Public Health Scotland. In future, should providers send data for the compilation of the abortion statistics directly to Public Health Scotland (PHS), rather than sending it via the CMO?
4. The proposed changes mean that the Chief Medical Officer would no longer receive any personal data about patients with abortion notifications. This data would instead be transferred directly to Public Health Scotland. Do you think there will be any impact from the changes proposed in this consultation on the privacy of personal data about patients and staff?