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We asked

The first phase of this study, the Initial Appraisal (Case for Change), was published in March 2021 and concluded that there was evidence for a ‘Case for Change’ within the study area.  We are now progressing through the Preliminary Appraisal stage of this process which involves reviewing the four Transport Planning Objectives agreed with stakeholders against a number of potential short, medium and long term intervention options and consulting with the public to understand wider views on each of these options.

For the Public Consultation we provided consultation material and a webinar, with a feedback form to record your views.  We asked for your views on a series of potential measures to improve safety on the A9 between North Kessock and Tore, including speed reduction and monitoring, junction and road layout improvements, public transport improvements and upgraded facilities for non-motorised users. These were split into packages according to their ease of implementation and potential construction timescales.

You said

We received 753 responses submitted via the online consultation platform Citizen Space, with another 3 via email.  Most of the responses were positive towards the proposed safety improvements North Kessock and Tore.  The responses that received predominantly positive feedback were generally regarding signage and visibility. Enhanced cyclist signage, road markings and installation of street lighting received overwhelmingly positive responses as well as prohibiting certain vehicle movements such as U-turns. The prohibition of right-turns to and from the A9 were more evenly rated, but with a marginally positive score.  Options which proposed to reduce speed limits or impose enforcement measures such as safety cameras were not preferred overall and received negative responses on the whole. Additionally, the option to install traffic signals at the Tore Roundabout was seen as a negative impact. Responses applying to active travel provision measures such as a controlled pedestrian crossing at Tore Roundabout were mixed.  The suggestion of a pedestrian bridge or underpass at Tore Roundabout received very positive responses.  Options concerning active travel integration and improvement of pedestrian routes had neutral responses, with additional supporting comments suggesting that the some respondents did not perceive an issue, or they did not partake in active travel and therefore could not form an opinion.  Long-term options to improve Munlochy junction with as a roundabout or the creation of a single junction along with Artafallie received fairly mixed response, but the proposal for a grade-separated junction was overwhelmingly positive.

We did

An analysis of the responses to the consultation has been published on the Transport Scotland website The responses to the consultation will help inform the development of the safety improvements between North Kessock and Tore, and form part of the ongoing appraisal.  

We asked

We asked for your views on draft proposals aimed at improving the regulations surrounding Experimental Orders for all Road Authorities in Scotland.  We also sought your views on the potential need for changing the regulations that govern Redetermination Orders and Loading Bays. 

You said

We received a total of 450 responses to the public consultation.  In relation to ETROs, many individuals, organisations and local authorities are not content with the current system (71%). 

When considering responses to Loading Bays and Redetermination Orders there was clear division in the types of responses received. It is our conclusion that further work is required to assess the demand for legislative change in these areas. 

We did

We have published non-confidential responses to the consultation and an analysis of the consultation responses (link below).  Preparations are now underway for new regulations and the feedback received from this consultation will help shape that process.

The full analysis report can be found at;

We asked

We sought views on proposals for regulations on the preparation, submission and registration of Local Place Plans. We also asked for people’s views on the accompanying impact assessments.

A public consultation took place between 15 March 2021 and 25 June 2021.

You said

We received over 200 responses to the consultation of which 37 were from community councils / trusts and 62 individuals. Other responses were received from the public sector, including planning authorities, and developers / business interests.

We did

Craigforth was commissioned to undertake an independent analysis of responses.  The report presents the findings from the public consultation and explains the methodology that was used to analyse responses.

Where permission to publish has been provided, the consultation responses are now available to view online.

The responses, together with the analysis report, have informed and shaped the regulations which will be laid in the Scottish Parliament in Autumn 2021. The responses will also assist in the development of accompanying guidance.