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  • Planning system - promotion and mediation: draft guidance - consultation

    This consultation paper relates to the introduction of guidance on the promotion and use of mediation in the Scottish planning system. It provides draft guidance to planning authorities, developers, communities and other potential parties on the use of mediation in development planning and in... More
    Closed 12 March 2021
  • New Build Heat Standard: scoping consultation

    The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that, from 2024, new buildings must use heating systems which produce zero direct emissions at the point of use. We are currently developing our New Build Heat Standard to achieve this, and this initial Scoping Consultation aims to set out our... More
    Closed 3 March 2021
  • Farm Animal Welfare Committee's opinion on the welfare of animals during transport: consultation

    We are seeking views on the recommendations made by the Farm Animal Welfare Committee in their ‘Opinion on the Welfare of Animals during Transport’. More
    Closed 26 February 2021
  • Complaints against lawyers and legal firms in Scotland: consultation

    This consultation sets out proposals and seeks views on potential improvements to the legal complaints system, within the current legislative framework of the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Act 2007. More
    Closed 20 February 2021
  • Strengthening Scottish Charity Law Survey

    This engagement follows on from a previous consultation in 2019 which sought views on potential improvements to the statutory charity regulation framework in Scotland. The consultation looked at proposals put forward by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). The proposals broadly focus on... More
    Closed 19 February 2021
  • National Planning Framework: Position Statement

    The Position Statement sets out the Scottish Government's current thinking on the issues that will need to be addressed when preparing Scotland's fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4). It draws on the ideas and evidence we received from a broad range of people and organisations through our... More
    Closed 19 February 2021
  • A consultation on the regulation of electricians

    Currently anyone can call themselves an electrician, without the need for any qualifications or competency. This can lead to customers, especially domestic consumers, hiring unqualified or less competent individuals, resulting in faults that can lead to fire or personal injury, such as... More
    Closed 12 February 2021
  • Consultation on Making Scotland's Future: A Recovery Plan For Manufacturing - Draft

    ERRATA: Since the launch of this consultation on 4th December 2020, the consultation period has been extended and will now close on 12 th February 2021. This decision is in response to early feedback from industry stakeholders to accommodate the priorities of our businesses who are... More
    Closed 12 February 2021
  • Ethical standards in public life: consultation on model code of conduct for board members of devolved public bodies

    The Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Act 2000 requires Scottish Ministers to issue a Code of Conduct for Councillors (Councillors’ Code) and a Model Code of Conduct for members of devolved public bodies (Members’ Code) as listed in Schedule 3 to the Act, as amended. The... More
    Closed 8 February 2021
  • Consultation on a possible revision of the Councillors' Code of Conduct

    The Councillors’ Code of Conduct is being refreshed to make it easier to understand and to take account of developments in our society, such as the role of social media. We aim to strengthen the Code to reinforce the importance of behaving in a respectful manner and to make it clear that... More
    Closed 8 February 2021
  • Digital submission services

    This consultation seeks views on whether the ability to submit certain applications to the Keeper digitally, and the legislation which underpins that (which has been in place on an emergency basis since April and May 2020) should be made available permanently. More
    Closed 1 February 2021
  • Consultation on the revised National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland

    The National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland describes the responsibilities and expectations of everyone who works with children, young people and their families in Scotland. It sets out how agencies should work together with children, young people, parents, families and communities to... More
    Closed 31 January 2021
  • Review of Colorectal Cancer Quality Performance Indicators Consultation

    Under the auspices of the Scottish Cancer Taskforce, National Cancer Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs) were developed to drive continuous quality improvement in cancer care across NHSScotland. The Colorectal Cancer QPIs were first published in December 2012. The QPIs are subject to... More
    Closed 29 January 2021
  • Cleaner Air for Scotland 2 - a consultation on a draft new air quality strategy for Scotland

    In November 2018 the Scottish Government commissioned an independently led review of its Cleaner Air for Scotland strategy, which was published in 2015. The aims of the review were to assess progress to date in implementing the strategy and to make recommendations for additional actions required... More
    Closed 22 January 2021
  • Consultation: Scotland's Third Land Use Strategy

    Our land is one of our greatest national assets and it plays a fundamental role in supporting our environment, economy and our health and wellbeing. In recognition of this the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 placed a statutory duty on Scottish Ministers to produce and publish a Land Use... More
    Closed 17 January 2021
  • Fish - additional quota allocation 2021: consultation

    This consultation seeks views on how additional Scottish quota is allocated in 2021. From 1 January 2021, the UK will be an independent Coastal State. Negotiations with the EU and other Coastal States on fishing opportunities for 2021 are ongoing. In these negotiations the UK aims to secure... More
    Closed 15 January 2021
  • Establishing a Scottish Nitrogen Balance Sheet

    The Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019 requires the establishment of a national Nitrogen Balance Sheet for Scotland by March 2022, via a process of regulations. The Scottish Government is now consulting on proposals for establishing a Scottish Nitrogen Balance... More
    Closed 14 January 2021
  • Consultation on the M8 and M9 Trunk Roads (Newbridge to Hermiston Gait) (Actively Managed Hard Shoulder and Speed Limit) Regulations

    The regulations will allow the introduction of an Actively Managed Hard Shoulder (AMHS), for use by certain buses, over a four mile section of the M8 and M9 motorways. This will extend over a four mile section from a point south of the Hillwood Rail overbridge (south of Junction 1 of the... More
    Closed 13 January 2021
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of the update to the Climate Change Plan 2018-2032

    This is a public consultation on the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the update to the Climate Change Plan 2018-2032. This report aims to assess the environmental impact of the policies within the update to the Climate Change Plan. Read the Strategic Environment Envronmental... More
    Closed 12 January 2021
  • Consultation on Future Arrangements for Early Medical Abortion at Home

    We are seeking views on the future arrangements for early medical abortion at home across Scotland. The responses will help to inform the Scottish Government’s decision on whether the current arrangements should continue once there is no longer a significant risk of COVID-19 transmission. ... More
    Closed 5 January 2021
  • Consultation: Introducing market restrictions on single-use plastic items in Scotland

    This consultation proposes the introduction of market restrictions – effectively a ban – on the most commonly littered single-use plastic items found on European beaches. It represents an important next step in our efforts to tackle our plastic problem, allowing us to maintain pace with the... More
    Closed 4 January 2021
  • Registers of Scotland Fee Review (2020)

    Registers of Scotland’s aim is to operate on a self-sustaining basis. We generate income from charging fees for our services. These fees are based on a cost-recovery model. Our current forecasts show we need to increase fees to recover our costs over the next five years. ... More
    Closed 24 December 2020
  • A Consultation on the Digital Strategy for Scotland

    We live in a digital world. It is changing the way we work, do business, entertain, deliver services, shop and keep in touch with our family and friends, as well as the work of government. It is a source of incredible opportunity – to open new markets, scale rapidly, tackle climate change and... More
    Closed 23 December 2020
  • Scotland's Economic Performance - The contribution of place-based economic development zones

    The Scottish Government is committed to sustainable, inclusive economic growth as part of our ambition for Scotland to flourish through a just transition towards a net zero, wellbeing economy. We are seeking to engage a broad range of stakeholders about the potential contribution... More
    Closed 20 December 2020
  • Scottish Road Works Register (Prescribed Fees) Regulations 2021

    As in previous years, we intend to create a new Scottish Statutory Instrument accounting for the target cost of operating the Scottish Road Works Register in the 2021-22 financial year. The intention is to revoke the 2020 instrument, and replace with a new instrument for 2021. This consultation... More
    Closed 18 December 2020
  • Research to understand potential barriers to adherence with coronavirus restrictions in Scotland

    During the coronavirus pandemic, various restrictions and regulations have been introduced to limit the spread of the virus. These important restrictions have changed the way we shop, travel, work and socialise. People across Scotland have been doing their best to follow these restrictions to... More
    Closed 18 December 2020
  • Digital ethics: a framework for trust

    Scotland is facing difficult decisions about using digital options to maintain, provide and improve services. The aim of this conversation is to inform what principles and frameworks might look like to guide how Scotland can develop as an Ethical Digital Nation . We are examining... More
    Closed 18 December 2020
  • Draft Strategy for Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Research 2022-2027

    Scottish Government funds a multi-million pound portfolio of research on the environment, natural resources and agriculture. We are developing a strategy for the next cycle of research which starts in 2022. The strategy will outline our vision, priorities and mechanisms for funding that... More
    Closed 14 December 2020
  • Judicial Mandatory Retirement Age

    This consultation welcomes views on the mandatory retirement age (MRA) for devolved judicial office holders in Scotland whose MRA falls within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament. The consultation asks if the MRA for Scottish judicial offices should be raised, and... More
    Closed 14 December 2020
  • Implementing the Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland) Act 2003: Updating environmental standards for the water environment

    Environmental standards form the foundation of a risk-based approach to River Basin Management Planning. In 2014, prior to the publication of the second River Basin Management Plans, Scottish Ministers directed the Scottish Environment Protection Agency to apply a range of environmental... More
    Closed 11 December 2020
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